Fall Boating Just Got Better

Like many other boaters, we find the Fall boating season our favorite time of the year. Cooler weather and the absence of the Summer thunderstorms can make for some of the best boating you will experience. To make your Fall boating experiences even more fun and enjoyable, we're offering free shipping on The Great Book Of Anchorages.
A must have, whether it's your next extended cruise on the waterway, a relaxing weekend on your local waters, or that perfect holiday gift for your favorite skipper. During this limited time only, we are offering free shipping and no handling charges (via USPS Media Mail within the Continental U.S.) on all of our editions of The Great Book Of Anchorages, including
▪ The Chesapeake Bay, Including The Potomac River
▪ Hampton Roads/Norfolk to The Florida Keys, including the St. Johns River
▪ The Bahamas
▪ The Gulf Coast, including The Okeechobee Waterway

Save even more today, using our additional multi-book discount, on the perfect companion resource for your next cruise, or surprise your favor Skipper with their very own copy. The perfect gift that will keep on giving for a long time to come and bring memories for a lifetime.
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▪ A Comprehensive resource with hundreds of anchorages and free docks
▪ Many anchorage details and color chartlets for quick and easy reference
▪ Mile-by-Mile locations with GPS waypoints in an easy-to-use format
▪ Details on types of anchors and anchoring techniques
▪ Suggestions for planning your next trip
▪ Quick indexing to put your anchorage locations at your fingertips
▪ Save lots of money in dockage fees
▪ Written and compiled by boaters for boaters

Visit our website today and enjoy our photo galleries and vessel tracking page of our favorite Anchorages.


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Reviews from current users...

Chuck, Just received my copy and have looked through it. It appears to be exactly what I wanted/needed. By including the small chart pictures, it is easy to visualize the anchorage and compare to the chart plotter. Comments on depths to approach and anchorage are very helpful and often missing from other "authoritative" sources. I've spot checked it to anchorages I have personally used and your information appears to be "dead on". I will highly recommend to my cruising friends.--Rick Brown, USCG Licensed Captain
Hi Chuck and Susan. Firstly, we love your new publication, “The Great Book of Anchorages.” Exactly what we were looking for as we head off to the FL Keys in about a month. We’ve noted in our ChartKits a great majority of the anchorages we can manage with our boat and really appreciate the comments section included with each site.….. We definitely will be taking “The Great Book of Anchorages” along with us. Thanks so much for compiling this useful book.
--Barb & Roy M, S/V Waterdog
I was finally able to pry the book out of Bill’s hands to read it today – great job! Finally a book dedicated to boaters like us who like to stay off the beaten path! The Great Book of Anchorages is an excellent resource for anyone heading down the ICW – intuitively laid out with keen insights on approaches & amenities at each locale. Kudos to you both for putting this together; it will be a tremendous asset on our trip south. We can’t wait for the next installment – the Bahamas edition!
--Bill & Elisa O, S/V Phoenix
This is the book we wish we had on our first trip down the ICW. Heck, we wish we would have had it on the last trip. --Mitch T, S/V Shadow Marie
"The Great Book of Anchorages" is the most knowledgeable resource we have ever seen! --Paul and Gail P, S/V Opportunity
A great book for cruisers that want to save money. The layout is clear and to the point. The charts are helpful in seeing the anchorage features and the comment box is insightful. Overall this is a great book, lots of information and the price is right. --Pete and Jan H, M/V Norseman
Hey guys......very very nice publication. This looks very exciting, and much better than "that other anchorage book"......I got a bloody headache just trying to remember all the codes! Good job on the pricing of the publication too......right in there. --Janice and Dorsey W, S/V Sun Dazzler
Not only will I recommend this book as a must have navigational tool to those attending my seminar, "Sailing South, First Timer's Guide to the ICW", it will be in my own cockpit on this, my 20th trip on the ICW. Great job guys. --Wally Moran, creator of the video, Sailing South, First Timers' Guide to the ICW
ICW Book

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If you have tried to visit our website the last couple of days you may have received a warning that the website certificate is not valid and it may not be safe to visit it. Rest assured that everything is fine..well except that our website host was having a problem and that was causing the error. They have finally fixed the problem, so you can still visit the site and order books. We're very sorry if this caused anyone an inconvenience. https://www.tgboa.com/

Ice Cream Shops on the Chesapeake Bay

Ice Cream Shops by Boat on the Chesapeake Bay 

By Susan Landry

We have been traveling up and the down the ICW for over 20 years now and have our routine ice cream shop stops pretty well set. (See Cruising World Sept. 2012 issue.) But although we are originally from the Chesapeake Bay, we had never spent months just leisurely circling the Bay and sampling all of the creamy, sweet delights it had to offer. The summer of 2013, while researching our Chesapeake Bay anchorage guide for our Great Book of Anchorage series, we decided to do research of a slightly different and more fattening kind.

Boating Safety Tips For Everyone

Always review basic safety rules with your passengers before departure.

❐ Check local weather conditions before departure
• Play it safe and get off the water if you notice darkening clouds, rough, changing winds or sudden temperature drops


❐ Boating safety rules
❐ Proper equipment
• Ensure you'll be ready for any on-water emergency

❐ Operate at a safe speed, especially on crowded waters
❐ Be alert
❐ Steer clear of large vessels
❐ Pay attention to buoys and other navigational aids


❐ Ensure another person on board can take the helm and return to shore should you become incapacitated

❐ Always let someone on shore know your boating plans.
• Name, address, and phone number of trip leader and passengers
• Boat type and registration
• Trip itinerary
• Type of communication and signal equipment on board


❐ Check with local pools, or organizations such as the YMCA and American Red Cross for lessons

❐ Fit and assign a lifejacket to each passenger prior to launch

• Boating education requirements vary by state; regardless of your state's regulations, it's smart to be educated

• The U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Power Squadrons offer free vessel safety checks to verify presence and condition of safety equipment, check out your boat and make safety recommendations. Find an examiner: http://www.safetyseal.net/GetVSC/

• Boat-ed.com: Official boating safety courses and online tests for your boat license
• US Power Squadrons (usps.org) and Coast Guard Auxiliaries (cgaux.org): Free vessel safety checks, boater education and safe boating tips
• Boater101.com: Water and boating safety instruction
Content courtesy of BoatSafe.com

Special Notice

The Coast Guard has recently released its first boating safety App. Features of the app include: state boating information; a safety equipment checklist; free boating safety check requests; navigation rules; float plans; and calling features to report pollution or suspicious activity. When location services are enabled, users can receive the latest weather reports from the closest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather buoys as well as report the location of a hazard on the water. The app also features an Emergency Assistance button which, with locations services enabled, will call the closest Coast Guard command center. http://www.uscg.mil/mobile/

Simple and Inexpensive Air Conditioning

The heat is already upon us in northern Florida and summer has not yet arrived. Already, the air conditioner is running daily, and day and night most of the time. On our previous boat, we did not have the luxury of a built-in air-conditioning system, and early on, we decided not to install a central system. It would be another piece of equipment to maintain and would also require a generator installation for use when we were cruising. We opted for an inverter system to run the 110 appliances and tools, and to take a little different approach to the AC problem. Of course, on our current trawler Beach House, we have a built in heat/AC system and a generator. Living aboard in the Chesapeake in the summer, then many years in south Florida did require that we cool the interior of the boat if we wanted to be comfortable. While we were cruising through the Bahamas and Caribbean, we never felt the need for an air conditioner. But at the docks for periods of time, to replenish the cruising kitty, we decided on a less traditional setup.

Anchors Aweigh

What Type of Anchor to Use?

There really is no definitive answer to that question and it's one of the most debated subjects among boaters. The fact is that there is no one anchor that is ideal for every bottom type and in every kind of condition a boater might encounter. Like all things boating, it's a compromise. There are some anchors that work better in a variety of bottoms and others that have very specific uses. Choose the one you will use based on your cruising area.

Wifi On The Boat - Part 4

Our current WiFi set-up has been functioning almost full-time on two boats for about seven years. The progress of our WiFi system has been recorded in previous blog posts, Simple And Inexpensive WiFi and WiFi On The Boat-Part 3 that details the progression to our current equipment. This blog post is possible via that same set-up. We're not ones that have to have the latest and greatest, and we have one hard and fast rule, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But change is inevitable, and we have made a few additions to our WiFi arsenal to improve our ability to get online as needed. This is very important since we run our anchorage guide business online and everything from the publishing to shipping and receiving is done exclusively from the boat. Changes to the availability of free or open WiFi signals made these additions a necessity for us.